Pop Quiz – US Geography

According to the National Geographic Society, half of 18-24 year olds can’t find New York state on a map.

Before feigning righteous indingation, click here to see if you’re any better. 🙂

84% for me w/an average error of 28 miles (My defense: It’s picky. The first couple of Midwest states and fitting Rhode Island, Delaware and Conneciticut in just the right spot really got me ).


2 Responses to “Pop Quiz – US Geography”

  1. wholeshebang Says:

    That was a really good link! I got 88%, avg error 49 miles, time 472 seconds. This is actually a good game for kids.

    To be honest, while I actually did forget the location of some states (if not the general region), it is also hard to place some of the midwestern states in the middle of a blank slate, too. You know where they go, but being off by 1/2 a state is another matter!

  2. Online American States Puzzle « the whole shebang Says:

    […] States Puzzle Filed under: accessibility, Education — wholeshebang @ 1:56 am Thanks to Mark, here is a link to a Map Challenge, an online puzzle where you drag the “pieces” […]

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